Worship, Technology, and C-19

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According to Merriam-Webster, worship ๐Ÿ™ is 1: to honor or show reverence for a divine being or supernatural power; and 2: to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion.

Whether we consider ourselves to be religious or not, we ALL worship something…God (whatever your definition of that is), nature, energy, money, success, athletes, musicians, actors, our significant other, food, exercise, science, technology, and even ourselves.

Ever since C-19 hit our planet, everybody has an opinion on the matter including prophetic voices (both secular and religious), doomsayers, world news anchors, medical experts, educators, political figures, business gurus, comedians, financial and economic experts, speculators, conspiracy theorists, etc.

My intention for this article isn’t to debate or argue with anyone, but rather raise the question “what if?”

โ“What if we’ve all been worshiping the wrong thing for a very long time?
โ“What if we’ve been too focused on “our thing” and how to become successful, wealthy, wise, fit, better, more spiritual and whatever else we deem to be essential for our self worth or the approval of others?
โ“What if this global shifting is giving us time to wake up and reconsider our lives and who/what we really serve?

โ“ What if the technology we serve shut down indefinitely? Then what? I hear a lot of chatter about working from home and everyone is clamoring to get online (I’ve moved my business online). If there’s anything I’ve learned from C-19 it’s that we should never become so arrogant to think we have ANY control to keep ourselves connected. And don’t take your technology connection for granted either, because, “what if?”

It’s times like these we cannot deny our own mortality and our true inability to control anything except our own attitudes and responses. If we’ve been worshiping or focusing our attention on the wrong things, consider a few of these points:

โŒ stadiums shut down
โŒ civic centers shut down
โŒ theaters shut down
โŒ economy and stock market crashes
โŒ houses of worship shut down
โŒ national parks and hiking trails shut down
โŒ events canceled
โŒ travel restricted
โŒ shelter-in-place and lockdown mandates

The only thing we haven’t lost in our ability to “gather together” (yet) is our technology. (And again, I feel a strong urge to warn against arrogance in that department.)

Some people have asked me if God sent C-19. My answer is, I don’t know. For me to assume C-19 is some sort of divine retribution is very dangerous and arrogant and only opens a pandora box of finger pointing and theological debates that in my opinion do not represent the heart of God or the ultimate good of mankind. What I do know is we’ve been given what I would consider a Providential opportunity to refocus ourselves entirely.

What I do believe is that He doesn’t take kindly to people mistreating His children and He does avenge His elect (consider the plagues he sent to Egypt when the Pharoah wouldn’t let his people go from captivity – ironically Jewish people all over the world will be celebrating that Passover Feast next week and Christians will celebrate Good Friday and Easter).

I also know He has a limit to widespread, blatant wickedness and people’s unwillingness to repent (consider the great flood that wiped out the entire planet, save one family and an ark full of animals) and the annihilation of entire cities that have never again been reinhabited for thousands of years.

And one need only do some research into the Great Awakenings and spiritual revivals throughout history to begin seeing the patterns of how industry, technology, and religious restructuring take place. Perhaps this is one of those times? Only time will tell as we look back 20 years from now.

I worship and have a relationship with God (Yawheh, Jesus, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) and He says:

โœ๏ธ He is the way, the truth, and the life
โœ๏ธ He will never share His glory with another and will have no other gods before Him
โœ๏ธ He prefers mercy over judgment
โœ๏ธ He is not willing that any should perish but that all should repent and turn to Him
โœ๏ธ He will restore people and lands if they will humble themselves and pray to Him
โœ๏ธ He lived once on this earth in the form of Jesus and He will return again to the Mount of Olives to setup His eternal kingdom
โœ๏ธ He provides an escape from a godless eternal realm after our earthly death – He alone is that escape
โœ๏ธ He loves us and draws all of us to Himself if only we will respond

COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS VERSUS ONE GOD Some of you reading this may consider this to be narrow-minded because you believe in a “collective consciousness” where we are all considered part of a god force. But I beg to differ because if that is true, why aren’t we able to collectively muster enough of our consciousnesses to eradicate C-19 or cancer or aids or world disasters or death itself? Some argue because we haven’t “ascended” yet, however, I believe the answer lies in the fact that we are the created, not the Creator; and human, not Divine.

There is only ONE who conquered death and that was Jesus Christ when He walked out of the tomb he’d been buried in for three days, and 40 days later ascended into Heaven while three of His disciples watched. There is no other god in religion who has a historical record of doing that so either He was a liar or a lunatic (and so was every eye witness around Him) OR…what if…He was telling the truth? If He was telling the truth, what are the consequences of accepting or not accepting His claims of being the Savior to mankind? If it’s true, the consequences are profound on both sides.

HOW COULD A LOVING GOD… I realize some may argue how could a loving God allow atrocities? My question is have you ever tried to control the outcome of another human being who has free will? How’d that work out for you? Have you ever tried to force someone to be in love with you and have a relationship with you? How’d that go?

I think the same is true of our Creator. Could He wave His hand and eradicate all bad things? Sure (and the Bible says there IS a day where He will do just that). But I’m not convinced that’s the point of our human earthly experience. He had a plan in mind at the very beginning to have a beautiful world consisting of people and animals and nature all caring for each other. But He gave us free will because He doesn’t coerce people to love Him back. Somewhere along the way we messed it up – not Him. So in light of that knowledge, I just don’t see the question of how a loving God could allow atrocities a fair one. That would be like someone blaming you for your son being a mass murderer. How is that your fault when you did everything in your power to love and care for your son his entire life?

In conclusion, as uncertain days continue to unfold, I’m committed to my physical, mental, and spiritual health. I’m committed to being a resource to my clients and colleagues who are just trying to get through. I’m here to be a light in a dark place, an encourager to those who are living in fear, and a source of love to the lonely and angry.

I do offer hope through Christ, but will never force that belief on you. I honor your choices to place your faith and worship wherever you see fit and will continue to come alongside you as a fellow sojourner on our planet.

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  1. Marty Stalvey says:

    Wow Ginger! What an awesome writing! I hope and pray that God keeps using you in a way that reaches others and changes lives! Thanks so much for writing this…

    Marty S.

    1. Thanks Marty. I appreciate that. God is on the move for sure!

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