Lessons I Learned From Wonder Woman – #1

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I was recently gifted a book entitled, “The Wisdom of Wonder Woman.” The last paragraph of the introduction states, “This collection of quotes represents Wonder Woman at her best: even when she’s under attack or at her most vulnerable, she still finds ways to offer insight, encouragement, and inspiration. She extends a hand to her enemies, and offers peace whenever she can.” Then as I read the first part of the intro and began flipping through the pages to see all the quotes, I decided this stuff was just too good to keep to myself.

So I decided to do a podcast series and title it “Lessons I Learned From Wonder Woman.” You see, I’ve always been a fan of Wonder Woman. As a little girl, my eyes would be glued to the TV and I would eagerly wait for the next episode to be released. I always admired her. I thought she was so beautiful and brave, and I could never imagine anyone other than Lynda Carter playing her role. However, I would be remiss in not giving props to Gal Gadot Varsano for her role in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie release. She truly was astounding!

As I read through the book, this quote caught my attention, and it’s one of my favorites as I consider myself to be a disruptor in a good way. I always challenge the status quo and it’s this quote that made me decide I wanted to do a podcast series on the entire book.

To hear more reading from the intro and why I wanted to do this podcast, click HERE.

How I came to own this book is because of my good friend and colleague, Brenda Holley. She runs a group coaching class for women who are approaching or are already in midlife and beyond in her private, subscription-based Facebook group called MOJO. Recently she challenged us to post for seven days things we decided to do regardless of our fear to do so. It could be anything like making that dreaded phone call or signing up for that Yoga class or going hang gliding for the first time. My #DoItScared moments were all very personal to me, and I shared them openly in our group every single day of the challenge. To my delight, I won the challenge, and Brenda gifted me with this cute little book. You can learn more about Brenda who is also a certified Business and Life Design Coach by visiting here website HERE.

So let’s get started. The first quote on page six states,

Go in peace, my daughter. And, remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.

QUeen Hippolyte

First, let’s consider who actually made this statement. According to DC Fandom, Queen Hippolyte is a fictional DC Comics Superhero based on the Greek mythological character, Hippolyta who was the Queen of the Amazon. Her father Ares (the god of war) gave her a magic girdle to signify her authority and she was gifted with leadership and diplomacy by Athena. Wonder Woman was actually formed by Hippolyte from the sand and clay of the island beach and was merged with a soul from the Well of Souls in honor of Diana Trevor, a visitor who had crashed landed on the island some time after World War II. Diana had arrived during an Amazon battle and fought alongside her newfound friends and lost her own life as she fired the crucial shot that won the battle. Read the entire story HERE.

According to legend, Hippolyte was not unfamiliar with death, as she had been brutally murdered by a man’s hatred after showing him compassion tens of thousands of years ago. Her soul joined the souls of other women in the Underworld’s Well of Souls, a place where all women who had also murdered by men’s hatred gathered. She was reborn from the same clay and stone she had formed her daughter, Diana, who would go on to be known as Wonder Woman. There are so many parallels and lessons we can take from this from death to rebirth to rising above to forgiveness. The lessons are endless.

Let’s consider Hippolyte’s quote again, “Go in peace, my daughter. And, remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.” Hippolyte was reborn and she spread a message of peace, tolerance, and equality to the Amazons.

Wow! Can you imagine if we would greet our daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, and colleagues with this beautiful statement? Go in peace, my daughter. Rather than becoming bitter at the injustice of a brutal murderer, Hippolyte still chose peace. This phrase alone has so much power in it. It speaks to freedom of the mind and heart. It speaks to letting go of anxiety and fear and anger and all the things that plague our daily, hectic lives. It speaks to healing and promise and joy and wholeness. It also speaks to looking at each other as family, as a tribe, as someone near and dear and treasured. Bone of our bone. Flesh of our flesh. A joining of our very heartbeats!

And the second part of the phrase – as if the first part wasn’t enough – AND – remember that in a world of ordinary mortals, YOU are a Wonder Woman! There’s an AND to being and living in peace – it’s a call, a reminder, a charge if you will to remember there is a world full of ordinary. A world full of mere mortals – people who are satisfied with living the status quo – who never rise to the challenge to be extraordinary. But Queen Hippolyte charges us TO rise to this challenge.

As women, we can live in wonder, we can be awestruck, we can cause wonder, we can “be” wonder, we can chase beauty, we can gather our tribes and empower them. After all, the top power Wonder Woman possesses is divine empowerment under which all of her powers fall.

I hope you’ll join me on this podcast journey as we work our way through this little book. And thank you Brenda Holley for including Wonder Woman in the lineup of women we all consider to have a bit of magical MOJO.

Until next time friends – “Go in peace, my daughters. And, remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.”

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