Why I Am Educating Myself Politically

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Why I Am Educating Myself Politically

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I have never been political. I have never voted Democrat. Ever. The 2016 election was the first time I voted for an independent party because I struggled THAT MUCH with Hilary and Trump.

This election has been an even greater struggle for me because I’ve always been a Pro-Life advocate (I’m a birth mom and chose adoption over abortion). On the flip side of that, I also realize there are impossible circumstances, and I believe in harm reduction and access to safe medical procedures.

After much prayer and conversation, I’m beginning to believe that “anti-abortion” is not the ONLY topic to base a vote on. An article 👇 was released today which stated:

“…better politics could correct violations against the sanctity of life. Poverty, lack of health care, racism and climate change all kill persons created in the image of God. They are all pro-life issues.”

I’m not saying I agree with 100% of the article (I don’t), but what I am saying is I feel like our politics have turned into the same thing we do as Christians by pulling a verse out of context and making a solid case for or against something. Is it possible we have been voting with this same mentality?

If we fixed some of the other issues, perhaps some women would feel like they had choices other than abortion. The question is “how?” And I’m not sure I have a solid answer at this point.

In addition, I found a very interesting resource that has shown me which party my beliefs align with. I was surprised because I’ve always considered myself to be one party through and through.

I must admit I am dedicated now more than ever to become more informed, study politics, and really come to a place where I understand why I believe what I believe. I did that with my faith in Jesus…I must now do it politically. It’s that important.

👉Here’s the link to the political assessment. I clicked on all the “additional questions” under each topic and “other stances” rather than just checking yes or no.

Political quiz: https://www.isidewith.com/elections/2020-presidential-quiz

👉And here’s the link to the article: (And by the way, just because I’m sharing this article doesn’t mean I’m a Democrat, it just means I’m asking myself questions and fervently praying).


What do you think?