#Whole30 – Day 4 – Liz Hubbs

This girl 👇 is helping me with my nutrition goals. I chose to work with her because of what she discusses in her post below. She was genuinely interested in my well being, followed up with me without “selling” me stuff and telling me about her “specials” (ugh – huge eye roll), and just wanted to know my story and how she could help. In other words, she treats me the same way I treat other people when it comes to sales (you’re either interested or you’re not and either is ok by me).

60+ days in, I feel the program she has me on is what has contributed to me not wanting to “kill all the things” in Day 4 of my #Whole30 journey.

I resonate with her and love that she’s also in the mental health field (I have many friends in and a love for that space, so we naturally connected).

Thanks, Liz for being you and walking with me. I’m truly honored to have you as part of my tribe.

#peoplematter #getmylifeback

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This is what Liz Hubbs has to say, “Serving others. Providing solutions. Being a source of support. Inspiring others. Focusing on people’s strengths. Helping people reach their goals. Making a positive impact. ♥️ These have all been some of my favorite parts of being a social worker and now getting to teach social work students. I’ve always been so grateful for this profession and all the amazing social workers I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know over the past decade. Thank you to you and Happy Social Work Month! 🌸

I pinch myself at times because I get to do all the things I love by sharing about gut health too. #guthealthsocialworker 💫 I think being able to use our gifts and skills in creative ways and being able to serve others is why we are here. #purposedriven I use the gifts and skills I have as a social worker to share knowledge, support others, help people reach their goals, offer solutions and resources, and instill hope. I empower others to take action towards feeling their healthiest and happiest. I am humbled by people’s trust in me, and value each and every person that joins me.”

What do you think?