#Whole30 Day 3

#Whole30 Day 3. I have a small tribe cheering each other on as we commit to 30 days to reset our bodies and rethink our food choices. For me, this is the beginning of a lifestyle change, not just something to do for a month. Due to circumstances beyond my control over the years, I found myself addicted to sugar and carbs and bad habits, and I’ve decided what I CAN control is taking my life back.

Photo Credit: @hannahmorgan7, Unsplash

While I can’t change any of the past trauma, I can change what it has stolen from me which at various times has been my sanity, joy, peace, and love for life. These 30 days are days I’m spending in a posture of further healing, not just saying no to all the food and drink I’ve existed on.

Every choice I make right now comes with a thought process of “how is this healing me, mind, body, and spirit?” I want to comfortably do Yoga and go for a walk and hike and dance and go for a bike ride and swim and do all the things I used to do, but because I got stuck in a trauma rut and couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel, I bowed my head and retreated into the shadows. And because of past abuses, I decided to hide even further so no one could reach me or enter into the space of who Ginger really is.

Photo Credit: @jblesly, Unsplash

But I’ve decided I’m worth knowing and I’m worth being well again. I still have work to do, people to love, and experiences to behold.

#fullypresent #getmylifeback

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