Trust The Process

These three little sentences in the pic above ☝️can sum up

♻️ an entire weekend at a motivational seminar
♻️ a college degree
♻️ days, weeks, years, decades of mistakes
♻️ the next training webinar
♻️ the _______________

I’ve been guilty of chasing the next shiny thing that promises

✅ the next best result
✅ your best life
✅ to wake up the hero within
✅ to awaken your girl/guy boss
✅ to _________________

Bottom line? Vision. System. Process. Consistency.

Know your vision. Do enough of the system and process that works for YOU and that you’ll actually commit yourself to, and positive results will follow.

➡️ it may not always look like what you first imagined
➡️ it will take longer than you had hoped for
➡️ not everyone will believe in you or cheer you on
➡️ spend time with the believers
➡️ be gracious to the haters
➡️ don’t give up
➡️ it’s not about you – there’s always a greater purpose
➡️ be kind to yourself- always
➡️ chase beauty in nature – its energy keeps you grounded

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