The Space Between Our Circles of Life

Photo Credit: Vu Quoc Tu

This week I saw a beautiful picture of a leaf, and the photographer Vu Quoc Tu from Washington state had entitled it “Circle of Life.” He gave me permission to use his photo, and I’m so thankful. If you click the photo above πŸ‘† it will open to the Washington State Beauty Facebook group where you can follow him if you so choose.

I love his perspective as he showed the leaf in all five stages of its lifespan.

Of course four of those stages represented our four seasons going from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter, and then the fifth season was when the leaf had died. As we all know, death brings new life in the spring as the leaves appear again in their brilliant greens and begin the circle of life all over again.

I love the “Circle of Life” perspective as we all have our own circles of life to live, and just like the seasons, if you find yourself in one that is less than desirable – hold on – it will change.

I have many friends, myself included, who are experiencing the seasonal changes within this circle of life that I call “the space between,” and it’s in this space we often feel lost and confused and fearful and anxious because sometimes we can see what’s coming on the horizon – to some degree – yet it’s still out of our reach because the next season hasn’t fully exploded in it’s predetermined brilliance.

Photo Credit: Joel Felipe, Unsplash

The question is what do we do with that space we find ourselves in. Think about it. Sometimes it’s the space between:

πŸ”† friendship and love

πŸ”† building a business and realizing massive success

πŸ”† having a brand new life grow within us and then giving birth to the child we’ve prayed for all these years

πŸ”†loss and grief and healing

I could give example after example after example as we are always in a space between this and that, and we are always experiencing each season of our lives in ways that can often be overwhelming if we don’t know how to lean in to each season and each space between those seasons.

So for today I’d like to encourage you to ask yourself some questions and then spend time unpacking your answers. Get real honest with yourself. Often times the reason we feel much stress or anxiety is because we are not fully embracing the space we find ourselves in and a lot of times we make poor choices which only exacerbates the intensity of that space.

For example, let’s use our health and wellness goals and think about the space between

βœ” poor health and good health

βœ” being overweight and being at a healthy weight

βœ” not exercising regularly and exercising on a regular basis

If we do not allow ourselves time to fully embrace the work that we have to do to get to the next season in our life – a season that looks like the picture of health that we want – it’s really easy to get frustrated, and while we’re in that inbetween space of unhealthy versus healthy, we often sabotage ourselves by carb binging, sugar binging, and sitting on the couch binging Netflix instead of getting out and moving our bodies and putting good things in our bodies that will allow us to be one step closer to Optimal Health.

Photo Credit: Emma Simpson, Unsplash

So let’s take personal inventory.

❔ Where do we find ourselves currently in whatever area of life we feel the most discomfort?

❔ Where is it that we want to be?

❔ What are the steps that are necessary to take in order to get to our ideal goal

❔ What habits will we need to replace to help us reach that goal?

❔ Are we willing to do the work?

❔ Are we willing to allow ourselves Grace in the process?

❔ Are we willing to reach out and have someone hold us accountable?

Write it down in a notebook that you keep close to you at all times. It’s not good enough to just brain dump in your head. You’ve got to brain dump on a piece of paper so you can read it out loud, so you can revisit it, so you can keep track of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Photo Credit: Hannah Olinger, Unsplash

That’s all I’ve got for today friends. As always, chase beauty, be a disruptor in your own life and the lives of others (in a positive way!)

And as we slowly move from fall to winter, is it possible your life is experiencing nature’s similar rhythms? Embrace this circle of life and start making plans now to address the space between this season and the next.

What do you think?