The Road Less Traveled

Follow the road less traveled whenever possible.

Beyond those mountains you face is an entire world you’ve never experienced and likely holds another piece of the puzzle that makes up your purpose.

It’s full of wonder and awe and beauty and surprise.

It will challenge you, wreck you, inspire you, and ask more of you than you realized you had in you.

Your journey will certainly confuse some, anger others, and even spur jealousy among those who lack the capacity for true joy and the celebration of the other. Move on from them.

But that same journey will also inspire others, encourage others, and lead you into relationships with the least likely and unexpected. Embrace them.

Be open, curious, and willing to challenge your “normal” realizing it’s just that…YOUR normal. There’s whole other worlds of normal waiting for you to discover and learn from them.

Finally, face whatever is keeping you from “just doing it” head on. Quit listening to why you can’t or never will _. YOU get to decide how you will live and love and work and play. The reasons you don’t are just that… reasons. Find reasons to DO.

Sometimes you just go for it and trust the process of doing it scared. The “buts” you keep listening to and telling yourself keep you stuck. The leap is liberating. The reward is great.

What do you think?