The Other F Word

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“Maybe the way we change the world is by raising better kids and being more attentive to those kids. Instead of writing another punk rock song, maybe we just be better parents.”

– Jim Lindberg, Pennywise

“The classic parent attitude toward a kid is like, ‘I brought you into this world! I gave you life you know!’ I think completely opposite…’Like, my kids gave ME life. You know? They gave me a reason.”

– Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers

All these guys came from seriously broken homes, and the ultimate anti-authoritarians of the punk rock scene have now turned into pro-authoritarians of ultimate mid-life fatherhood 🎸🤘

The language in this documentary is definitely not for the easily offended or meant to be watched with your own young kids 🤫 over a bucket of popcorn 🍿 on a Friday night, but if you can move past it and dig down into the heart of this story, you’ll likely be moved to tears. 😪

It was heart warming to watch grown men with tattoos, piercings, mohawks, and all the things that tend to identify punk culture, get raw and honest and willing to give up their anger, bitterness, rage, unforgiveness, drugs, drinking – and even the band and the road – when they found themselves stepping into the role of a parent.

They decided they wanted to be the parents that their parents weren’t to them. They adjusted and/or walked away from their own music journeys to embark on the journey their kids wanted them to be present for…recitals, daddy-daughter dances, ball games, and days at the beach.

There’s a shift happening in the music scene, and while I’ve never really been a punk rock fan, this documentary left me feeling so compassionate and proud of a subculture that’s turned from their stand against the bad authority they witnessed as kids to now standing against being that bad authority. They’re taking responsibility and loving their kids like crazy.

I got mad respect for that. 💯🙌

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