The Only Color I See Is Red

Drawing by Ginger Terrell

It’s been 4 years since I drew this. It has so many messages woven throughout that represent not only my world being blown apart but also being safely held within the hands of God. A different girl has emerged from this sea of emotions – one that is resilient and determined to never remain broken. One that is using the unrest in the world to fully rest in the heart of God and the plans He has for her. A woman that is emerging and becoming a safe place for others to land, a calming voice in uncharted territory, with arms open wide inviting all to rewrite the next chapter with her.

New possibilities abound. Hope and love must clamor at decibels that drown out the confusion and questions and injustices that are deeply embedded in humanity until the only color we see is the red that courses through our collective veins.

What do you think?