The Little Red Chairs

I love the little red chairs sitting among these massive trees and how the sunlight gently washes over the space. It’s a perfect place to contemplate memories and look forward to a new day.

This morning I read the words a friend of mine told me a year ago. She said, “I think we get too far into our heads. I think christianity has placed “find your destiny/live your destiny” far above just do life with Jesus. Sometimes it sucks, like a lot. Sometimes it’s unfair. Sometimes it’s extremely hard. But I don’t want to do any of it without Jesus. And I don’t want to to do it without you. We’re here because God put us here to have a relationship with us. And to bring others into relationship with him.”

My friend Jamie Poe replied to that comment that she had her second chance (she’d had a heart transplant) and that she was choosing how best to live her life. I didn’t realize 2 weeks later she would leave this earth.

10 years ago today, my good friend Glenda messaged me and asked me to go to a Nickelback concert with her in Indiana and then she would drive back to TN with me to look for work. We never made that concert. She died in a motorcycle accident.

As I contemplate life this beautiful, sunny morning, I more than ever stand in the truth that the one thing that matters is our relationship with God. Our plans are just that…plans. There is no guarantee that we will ever play those out.

God is very near to the brokenhearted. I know that, but sometimes the silence and stillness makes one feel so very alone, but then I wake once again to beauty and new life all around and realize I’m not alone. Far from it.

I miss you Nana. I miss you Jamie. I miss you Glenda. I miss you Laura. I miss you Dawn. I miss all the ones who have gone on before me, but I have many I still love, and I’m so thankful I get another day to love this gloriously tragic beautiful life with you.

What do you think?