2018: Past Reflections and Future Possibilities

Debilitating betrayal and trauma in 2010 was the springboard of a 7-year spiral of anger, fear, resentment, self-preservation, education, self-discovery, boundaries, and permission to heal and truly live again. The betrayal was very personal, the kind that knocks the breath out of you, leaves you reeling in shock – the kind of shock that makes…

About Me

In 2018, two of the most significant people in my life died, in addition to trying to provide moral support to my best friend after her niece was murdered. As other family members began passing, these death traumas radically changed my life at very personal levels – to the core of my personality. I embarked on a journey of the soul and began making radical changes in all aspects of my life to include spiritual, relational, health, and professional. I have discovered ways to incorporate my grief journey into the core of who I am without apologies and without offending others.