BNI Director Orientation


So, I’m decompressing from BNI Director Orientation this evening. This makes the second orientation I’ve attended, and I feel beyond privileged to be part of a director team who truly lives in the spirit of Givers Gain, who raise themselves to a higher standard, and who expect nothing less of the BNI members they encourage and support on a daily basis.

My biggest takeaways were:

1. BNI is hands down the most effective marketing tool a business can invest in. If one will fully immerse themselves in a culture of learning and excellence, and take advantage of every tool available with the membership, there is no room for failure.

2. We are servant leaders and it our desire to lead with excellence and grow the businesses of our members by providing the support, training, knowledge, and events which allow for relationship building and opportunities to train other members how to be their sales force.

3. BNI is not just another networking club. People’s lives can go from mediocre to stellar if they will just show up and follow the policies and procedures. There are some people in the business community at large who are literally one paycheck away from losing their car, their home, their marriage, and their dignity. We can help turn that person’s business around and provide a way out through a step by step process.

4. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. BNI is part of my calling. I’m 9 months away from an MBA with a Leadership Cognate, and I’m looking forward to using my knowledge and experience to achieve some dreams and goals I have for the upcoming younger generations of business professionals. BNI will always be a part of my strategy, and being able to meet people who want something different, inspire them, and introduce them to an organization that will change the face of their business is something I will always love.

Thank you God for allowing me the privilege of being a catalyst of change and a beacon of hope to those who seek both.