Sunrise Tuesday

I went to go catch a sunrise this morning, but it was only cloud cover. It got me thinking about those times when we think “where is God right now?”

You know, it’s like a dark hour in our lives and maybe we can barely lift our heads up and we wonder if God might have abandoned us or forgotten about us or is hiding from us.

And I realized, the sun is always there, shining in its brilliance, It’s just sometimes the clouds are so thick, they temporarily block out that brilliance. Or it’s someone else’s turn to see the sun rise and our turn to rest.

Have you ever took a plane ride? It’s like that moment when you see nothing but cloud and mist and then you burst through into the clearest, bluest expanse you’ve ever seen and the sun appears to shine a little brighter. It’s at that moment you feel a little lighter, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

There’s a mysterious beauty in the clouds. But we must be willing to to either wait it out or keep pushing through until we see daylight, always remembering that even if we can’t see that brilliant sunshine, it’s still there, also waiting for the clouds to dissipate, which they will.

I think God is the same way. His son Jesus is always there, waiting to take our hand so we aren’t alone in the journey. Do we trust him?

What do you think?