Summer Sabbatical and God’s Promises

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I’m still on Summer Sabbatical. God is teaching me much during this time. I’m still committed to remain in an observant, reflective stance for the remainder of the summer but wanted to provide a bit of encouragement for anyone who continues to feel as if they have woken up in an alternate universe. Here are some things I’m learning:

✅ Be diligent to research the world topics at hand. Don’t auto-believe the news, social media, friends, family, religious affiliations or the government. YOU research and diligently pray for wisdom and discernment. Stick by your conclusions with an open mind and a willingness to be wrong should new credible evidence disprove your theories. And NEVER force your assumptions on anyone – EVER.

✅ Be diligent to ONLY let our voices be heard if we can do so with kindness and respect for our fellow human. Otherwise, please don’t add your voice to the sea of intolerance and hate.

✅ Immerse in all things beautiful every chance we get. And PLEASE share those beautiful moments at my Chasing Beauty Facebook page and my Always Chase Beauty Instagram. I want to see them all!

✅ Be open to new opportunities and don’t be afraid to walk through those doors. I’ve accepted new opportunities and I’m moving forward. I’ll make a public announcement when I’m settled and ready to. I’ll still be working The Referrals Group as these are some pretty fine business people. I just have additional opps in line with my passions.

✅ Walk away from people and organizations who lack integrity. Unfriend. Unfollow. Disengage. Their lack of integrity is an extension and reflection of you and your business if you remain associated. Trust me – the money you thought you lost will reappear in avenues you least expected AND you’ll keep your peace of mind and your own integrity intact.

✅ Finally, in a sea of confusion and chaos, God and His Word never fails is. For an incredible resource reminding us of His promises to us, click HERE.

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  1. Brenda Holley says:

    Just wonderful! Thanks for this share. Hugs! Brenda


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