Press Release: The Referrals Group Introduces Ginger Terrell as Regional Director for the Southeast


Contact: Bart Giles
Phone: 502-777-6639

The Referrals Group Introduces Ginger Terrell as Regional Director

Chattanooga, TN (May 3, 2017) The Referrals Group announced that Ginger Terrell will be the Regional Director for their new expansion into the Southeast. Terrell will serve as the main public contact and spokesperson for the Southeast division and will work closely with highly skilled, busy professionals to build dynamic, effective, efficient groups who are like-minded and focused on quality and results. Ginger has lived in Chattanooga since 1978 and has a vast and varied network in virtually every business sector and social circle both here and abroad. Her work experience spans several industries to include Business and Career Consulting, Marketing and Advertising, Food and Beverage, and Insurance. During her downtime she enjoys blogging, listening to music, reading, and cooking.

The Referrals Group Founder, Bart Giles stated, “I am more than thrilled to have her join the team. Ginger is a 10-year veteran of the business networking sector, she holds an MBA from Liberty University and is known as a great connector and team builder,” reports Giles. “I think she will do great things in this area.  We are thrilled to have her on board to move the business forward.”

The referral process is hands down the best way to develop new business and build long-lasting relationships,” says Terrell. “I have spent a significant amount of time during the last decade training business professionals how to be effective networkers who provide quality referrals, and I’m not even the best trainer in the world! Probably the biggest asset I bring to The Referrals Group is my ability to be a ‘Master Connector;’ I live to connect people and watch beautiful things happen.”

According to Giles, The Referrals Group was created to improve the reputation of referral network marketing and to provide an organized way to confidently provide legitimate referrals, which produce positive results. The first group started in January 2014 in Lexington KY, and as of today 32 groups are dispersed between Louisville and Lexington. “This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model,” says Giles. “We create a custom plan for each group based around their collective goals. The expansion will permit us to offer additional services and/or an alternative to other networking groups in the Southeast for busy, successful professionals who are either unable to be a part of other groups due to classification lockouts and/or cannot attend weekly meetings on a regular basis.”

For more information on The Referrals Group, check out the website at or contact Regional Director, Ginger Terrell at  423-355-1921 or You can also find the Southeast division’s Facebook page at

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