My Thoughts on Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Human trafficking. To see Chattanooga Mayor Andy Burke support what Second Life Tennessee ( is doing to lead change and freedom in our community, gave me hope.

Hearing Savannah Sanders’ story of survival and healing had us all enthralled with her.

And thanks Edward for hanging with me today. We both missed Laura and knew she would have been there with us today as she worked with many girls who were trauma survivors.

I was reflective today and in deep thought about the irony of January 11 being Human Trafficking Awareness Day, my brother, Philip’s birthday, Laura’s sister Jan (who passed away a few weeks ago)…it was her birthday today too. And I can’t help but wonder what it must be like for Jan to celebrate her birthday in Heaven with Laura.


I’m beginning to realize tragedy and beauty and trauma and love are all just mingled up together in this thing called life. For every deep heartwrenching tragedy that occurs, there are incredibly awesome experiences of love and joy and beauty and connection and relationships. All of THAT is worth the pain and loss.

Find your tribe – a loyal one -your tribe wll love you fiercely and walk you through every moment. Every moment. Love them. Cling to them. Be a good friend to them. You won’t regret it and you will LIVE a much better life.


What do you think?