My Thoughts on Creation Vs Evolution

Creation Versus Evolution

            The debate still rages. How did we and the world around us get here? Man has tried to answer this question for thousands of years. Did atoms and molecules suddenly appear from nowhere to create an explosion which somehow formed into planets and stars and galaxies? Did we originate in the primordial ooze of the swamps and evolve into humanity as we know it today? Or is it possible that there is another explanation?


In the summer of 2011, I was given an assignment in a Public Speaking class to interview my classmates on a particular topic and then provide a persuasive speech on my findings. I decided to find out what my fellow students thought about our origins. What I learned was that we were divided on the subject. Some believed we evolved over time and others believed we were created. That entire semester and the one to follow would prove that we would remain divided on the subject as every class I took – from World Civilizations to Biology to Environmental Science to Western Literature – was taught from a humanist point of view in favor of evolution. We were asked to write about our thoughts on our origins, Adam and Eve, scientific evidence for “the first man out of Africa” and how to explain the different races of mankind if they all originated with a single couple in history. My classmates would either seriously debate the topics with well thought out research or would skim them by providing some haphazard “proof” from some remote website just to say they had completed the assignment. The teachers could never answer the questions concerning a Creator – instead they would provide some mumbled answer about theories and faith and would politely move on to the next topic. I never asked questions to really get the answer – I already knew the answer according to God’s Word. I asked the questions in hopes that a student might begin to ask their own questions and seek the truth outside of class.

I grew up in the southern Bible Belt, therefore I was taught creation. But not everything we are taught is correct, so I did my own research to discover why I believed what I believed. I have discovered there is scientific evidence that creation is valid and at least worthy of personal consideration and research. My purpose for discussing this topic is to persuade some evolutionists to consider the evidence of creation; and to persuade creationists to approach their beliefs with grace and integrity. The definitions of each origin model will be presented, scientific evidence that the creation model can be trusted as truth will be provided from a thermodynamics point of view, and we will discuss how evolutionists and creationists can coexist with each other in a dignified manner.

The Center for Scientific Creation provides good definitions for each origin model. First, the evolution model states that “over billions of years, the universe, the solar system, the earth, and finally life developed from disordered matter through natural processes. Random mutations and natural selection brought about all life from single-celled life. And all life has a common ancestor.” The creation model states that “everything in the universe, including the stars, the solar system, the earth, life, and man, came into existence suddenly and recently, with essentially the complexity we see today and that genetic variations are limited.”

According to Dr. Duane Gish’s article entitled “Summary for Scientific Evidence for Creation (Part I & II)” on the Institute for Creation Research website, “There is scientific evidence for creation from cosmology, thermodynamics, paleontology, biology, mathematical probability, geology, and other sciences. There are many scientists in each field who conclude that the scientific data best support the creation model, not the evolution model.”

            According to, Thermodynamics is “the study of the effects of work, heat, and energy on a system that is only concerned with large scale observations.”  The 1st Law of Thermodynamics basically states that the total quantity of matter and energy in the universe is constant and that energy can be neither created or destroyed. This contradicts evolution because if energy can be neither created or destroyed, where did the first burst of energy come from to start the evolutionary process? Evolution states that change is outward and upward and that everything goes from disorder to order. However, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (Entropy) states that change is inward and downward and that everything goes from order to disorder. Evolution contradicts our own scientific laws of the universe.

Dr. Henry Morris further validates this in his article entitled “Evolution, Thermodynamics, & Entropy.” “How does a real biological process, which goes from order to disorder (entropy), result in evolution, which goes from disorder to order? Evolution on the grand scale – particles to people – represents a gigantic increase in order and complexity – it doesn’t match up with the 2nd Law.”

There is an explanation to consider – God, the Creator. While I will not quote Biblical passages in this summary paper, I will provide the references for further study. God is the One who created energy (Genesis 1:1), and there are several reasons energy cannot be destroyed (see Genesis 2:3, Hebrews 1:3, and Ecclesiastes 3:14).

There is also relational evidence that creation is valid. Evolution points back to nothing; creation points back to a Being with a personality. Evolution is impersonal and provides no examples of relationship, intelligence, or knowledge to learn our behaviors from. This alone contradicts the society around us and the world in which we live. Creation is extremely personal and complex. It provides a reason for the variety, colors, textures, cultures, animal life, and plant life around us. All these things reflect the personality and intelligence of a Creator.

In conclusion, my purpose is not to convince you there is a Creator; however I do want to convince you to consider the evidence and do your own research. Look to the heavens, look to the plant and animal kingdoms – note their variety and color and complexity; consider the complexity and wonder of your own body. Consider perhaps there is a Master Designer – ask! Throw the questions out there, “Are you real?”, “Do you exist”? “Did you create me or did I just evolve?” Evolutionists and creationists alike should keep the lines of communication open.  Rather than trying to prove each other wrong, choose to do your own research, choose to agree to disagree if necessary, and by all means choose to leave your friends dignity intact once the conversation is over. Both will be better for it in the end.

And finally – I love this video – Enjoy!

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