My 2020 Makeover Experience

Me Before/After
Services performed by Debora Hornbuckle,
OPT Hair & Makeup Salon
Roswell, GA

“Like any art, we want to bring attention to a focal point and attract people to our best features and detract from weaker ones, this helps us in all aspects of our lives.”   Debora

And this is exactly what she does. I met Debora at a Marietta Area Business Association after-hours event hosted by Synovus Bank. We connected immediately, as if we’d known each other our entire lives. I’m not trying to be dramatic. Just stating the facts.

She was intrigued by The Referrals Group concept and that we had expanded to Atlanta. And, being the artist and creative spirit she is, immediately wanted to redo my hair and makeup to update my look for 2020 in Atlanta.

To be fair to my own hair stylist of 10 years, Shawn King, I hadn’t been able to schedule with her in quite some time due to her own career shifts and my travel schedule. Frankly, I had let my hair go for awhile and was just letting it grow until I made a decision where I wanted to go with it. Shawn has always done a fantastic job helping me pull off dirty blonde to brown to auburn to platinum blonde even, and with every style from short to lob to even a long style which touched the small of my back at one time. Shawn has always taken care of my hair, and I’ve loved every style she has created over the years.

But as our lives and seasons change, now was a chance for me to allow another artist to try their hand at my look, and now I can confidently refer Debora Hornbuckle to my Atlanta network based on my experience with her.

She completed her apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon, is a certified colorist, and has been a hairdresser and make-up artist for over 30 years. She caters to both men and women, ages 50 and up, to keep them current, relevant, and youthful.

Booking a session with her is like booking a very personalized spa day. Plan on a minimum of 4 hours, and if you want “the works,” plan to block out the entire day (of course that will cost you, but I swear it’s worth every bill). Walking into the salon is not like a typical salon with the noise and hustle and bustle of 20-40 stylists and assistants among a room full of clients. No way.

Instead, you are escorted to a very private suite with windows where it’s just you and Debora.

✂️ She provide sketches she has meticulously worked on with various hairstyles she has painstakingly mulled over prior to your session.

✂️ She asks questions about past hair styles to include your favorite, your least favorite, your childhood, your career, and where you are headed in the future.

✂️ She talks color and texture and product and style and your best facial features and how she plans to draw all the attention to those.

✂️ Your first visit with her is a dry cut because she needs to see what your hair is doing as she’s literally removing anything that isn’t serving you well. Only then does she begin adding the layers of color followed by the shampoo, condition, and styling. And she shows you step by step how to style it for yourself.

✂️ She uses “clean” products.

✂️ The makeup makeover is all about contouring and color and bringing out your best features.

✂️ And there’s more – if you want it – to include a full makeup lesson, product purchases, etc.

I got lucky that day, I must admit. It was her birthday, so of course I treated her to a birthday lunch. Afterwards we attended the East Cobb Business Association N.OW. weekly networking meeting where she showed the room my “before” picture.

That evening I attended the grand opening of The Solana in East Cobb, and actually felt confidentally dressed and ready for the occasion. You can see from the ice sculpture and menu below, the evening was swanky and beautiful and pristine.

And finally, the evening ended with me meeting Debora, her husband, and friends to continue celebrating her birthday. And while you probably won’t celebrate her birthday after your session, you will celebrate feeling just as beautiful and confident as I did and you’ll know you were exquisitely cared for and catered to.

Celebrating Debora’s birthday
at Shanghai Street Food & Bar

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