Motels and Amens.

As a female solo traveler, I normally don’t book motels because frankly and unfortunately many of them can be sketchy and scary. But after spending this week about as far Northwest as I could get without entering Canada, I found myself super tired yesterday afternoon and when I looked at the time, I simply refused to subject myself to the Seattle Friday night traffic I knew I’d encounter on the way back to my summer homestead. So…I decided to find a room on the more cost efficient side (oh trust me, I wanted that water view room downtown, but wasn’t willing to let go of water room view money), so I took a chance and booked what appeared in Google to be a safe motel.

I must admit when I pulled in, my heart sank a little. I mean it kinda looked like a huge McDonald’s with all the red and yellow. But upon entering, my mind was set at ease during check-in. And I’m really glad I stayed.

The room was super clean and they even made the beds with close to what you’d have in the fancy hotels. It was comfortable, I felt safe, and when I went to get a FULL hot breakfast this morning (which a lot of the franchises aren’t offering due to Covid), I learned more of the history. The motel had been under the Travelodge franchise for many years but when the current family owners purchased the place pre-pandemic, they pulled out of the franchise to make it their own, and Morning Glory Inn & Suites was born.

Of course they hit a rough patch when Covid shut down the world, but thankfully they received assistance to keep them going. And I’m glad they did, because now they’re making it work with their customers being at the forefront of every amenity they offer.

They have their system down to a science. As their 2 or 3 year old child soundly sleeps behind the front desk, you circle 4 breakfast items you want and then two women donned in masks and gloves plate your items while the front desk prepares your coffee the way you like it and wipes down ink pens between customers. The pool is open but limited to 2 guests at a time to keep everyone safe. And while the lobby is semi full of last minute breakfasters looking for coffee, the staff maintains a good pace all while being patient and friendly and kind.

Moral of the story. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Talk to the hotel staff and travelers along the way. Their stories will often wow you. As the owner told me she was so happy I was vacationing the way I was by spending time in so many beautiful places, I said, “We have an amazing Creator.” Her eyes lit up and she said, “Amen.”

I immediately felt my spirit lift and as I went back to my room to eat breakfast I prayed for additional blessing upon this family’s life. They’re doing a good thing. And I wish them many happy successful years of business as they welcome weary travelers.

Remember friends, we’re all in this together. Sometimes we have ocean views and sometimes our view is the parking lot, and that’s OK. There’s beauty in all of it if you have a heart ❤ see it.

And now, I’m headed to my next adventure.

What do you think?