Lessons I Learned From Wonder Woman – #2

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Welcome back to the second podcast in this series on Lessons I’ve Learned From Wonder Woman. If you missed the first podcast, you can listen to it HERE.

Listen HERE. If you prefer to read the transcript, it is below. 👇

So let’s look at the second quote, which can be found on pages seven and eight of the book entitled “The Wisdom of Wonder Woman.”

You’ve shown us, Princess, that clever women can conquer the strongest men! And don’t you ever forget that, girls!

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I’ve been chewing on this quote for a few days now, and I think there are both positive and negative ways to take this quote and that it’s important for us to choose wisely which Wonder Woman we will be when it comes to our men.

At first I was going to discuss the history of where the quote came from, which includes the Suffrage Movement, but since mulling the past few days, I received new information regarding the amount of wealth women control in the United States. I first learned of these statistics in my group coaching Facebook group called MOJO. Both Lisa Kepple with Edward Jones and our coach Brenda Holley provided us with this information and I delved a bit further into it and it’s where I want to spend the next few minutes with you.

According to a 2018 article from The Economist, the Boston Consulting Group stated that “between 2010 and 2015 private wealth held by women grew from $34trn to $51trn. Women’s wealth also rose as a share of all private wealth, though less spectacularly, from 28% to 30%. By 2020 they are expected to hold $72trn, 32% of the total. And most of the private wealth that changes hands in the coming decades is likely to go to women.”

I’ve seen other statistics floating around the internet that seem to indicate some of these numbers are even higher and that women are now holding a significant portion (as much as 50%+) of managerial and professional related positions as well.

Whatever the hard statistical facts may be isn’t what excites me though. What excites me is that we are reaching a tipping point in that, as personal wealth and leadership positions for women continue to rise, and as Baby Boomer wealth slowly begins to trickle down to the next generation, we as women are waking up more and more to the reality that we have the potential to achieve some pretty significant financial goals in the very near future.

And here is where I want to return to my original statement about a positive and negative response to Wonder Woman’s quote “…that clever women can conquer the strongest men! And don’t you ever forget that, girls!”

There is a movement that, in my opinion, is very dangerous, and that movement is a group of women who are angry, entitled, and almost vicious with their continual screaming and lashing out of their personal beliefs and demands. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for equal pay for equal work and arenas that are free from harassment and abuse in all its forms. 100%, I am for that.

However, I also enjoy BEING a woman, and being treated and honored as such. Meaning I AM physically weaker than my male counterpart, and I’m thankful when he opens a heavy door for me or gathers his buddies to move the furniture on my behalf.

I also enjoy being celebrated as the mysterious, intelligent, creative, and unique woman that I am, and that I’m no less capable of successfully running a multi billion dollar company than my male counterpart is. In fact, I may even have some deep insight and intuition to offer that he may not have, and I appreciate when he recognizes that and celebrates that it takes a village to raise a family or operate an enterprise.

Conversely, I appreciate that oftentimes my male friends tend to not be as emotional as I can be and can offer a black and white perspective that I sometimes need when I can often get so lost in the gray areas. Now this in no way suggests a stereotypical viewpoint of men and women because there are exceptions to all of this depending on each individual person and how their genetics and personalities and experiences shape their life, but that’s an entirely different podcast and not intended for this particular episode.

My point in all this is that as women we have the most unique and exciting opportunity in our 21st century experience. At no other time in the history of the United States have we had as much freedom to pursue a life we choose to create. I’m suggesting that while this is exciting and the possibilities are limitless, there’s also a certain responsibility that comes with it.

♻️ A responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct

♻️ A responsibility to lead with integrity and honor

♻️ A responsibility to be extravagant with our generosity

♻️ A responsibility to support and/or start philanthropic endeavors that offer change and hope and alleviate pain and suffering to the causes that matter most to us

♻️ A responsibility to teach our children and students and young professionals how to also make wise choices

♻️ A responsibility to not be careless and frivolous with our spending, but rather to save and invest well so our legacy will continue to impact future generations

Does this mean we can’t enjoy our wealth and indulge from time to time? Certainly not! Take that dream vacation. Drive the car that works well for your lifestyle. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Eat the most healthy of foods. Give your kids a solid, private education. Live in a safe neighborhood. But be intentional with your spending choices. Consider your motives. Check your heart! Just because I’m a billionaire doesn’t give me a right to be irresponsible. I think it’s the exact opposite. I think it gives me the right, and the responsibility, to be extravagantly generous.

So to wrap up, thank you Wonder Woman for showing us that “clever women can conquer the strongest men!” And while we won’t ever forget it, may we choose to come alongside the men in this world and honor them as people who have value and worth and drive and perspectives that can enhance our own. I think being clever isn’t about being manipulative but rather gives us the ability to cleverly choose high caliber men and women to associate ourselves with. We get to set healthy boundaries. We get to choose our tribes. We get to choose to do good things in this world with good people. And we get to choose to use our wealth and influence in ways that positively impact the world.

Have a beautiful day friends, and thanks for listening!

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