Man-Made Jesus or Jesus of Nazareth?

If our “christianity” is tidy, consider this.

🔹️drew lines in the sand
🔹️literally touched a leper to heal him
🔹️spit in dirt to make mud to heal the blind
🔹️washed his disciples’ feet
🔹️flipped tables and whipped businessmen out of the church
🔹️blasted religious leaders
🔹️sought out “scorned” women
🔹️fed hungry crowds
🔹️always sought the will of His Father
🔹️stilled storms
🔹️ate with “the sinners” to the point He was accused of being a drunkard and a glutton
🔹️raised 3 people from the dead
🔹️cast out demons
🔹️was beaten, scorned, mocked, and crucified between 2 thieves
🔹️was Himself raised from the dead

The list could go on. The point is, if our religion is wrapped up in a tidy box with a bow and only “certain people” are allowed in our tidy circles, it’s probably not really Jesus we’re serving. Don’t confuse the man-made Jesus with the Jesus of Nazareth.

What do you think?