Photo of a card I received designed by

I received the highest compliment from a dear friend and mentor in the form of this card last week.

To me, it represents growth…growth FROM shaky boundaries and people-pleasing and caretaking TO proper boundaries and taking care of me.

Sometimes it’s hard.
Sometimes it’s misunderstood.
Sometimes it feels guilty.
Sometimes it feels right.
Sometimes it feels displaced.
Sometimes it feels right at home.
Sometimes it feels safe.
Sometimes it feels selfish.
Sometimes it feels grateful.

As you can see, feelings jump all over the place when you stop allowing other people’s stuff to affect you at deep levels.

I’m learning I gotta finally just let God be God in my and their life. My input and caretaking aren’t needed. I also gotta give up my need to be right. Communication flows much better when I do.

What do you need to know and then do in order to stop wearing other people’s issues and be free to just wear yourself?

What do you think?