Father’s Day

To all the men who lead well, I salute you.

To all the men who are silently crying because for whatever reason you’re not with your kid today, I hear you and am thinking of you.

To all the men who were fully present for their children’s lives and still are, thank you.

To all the men who didn’t have the courage to be a parent, I pray you slay your demons.

To all those who still have your dad active in your life, show your gratitude.

To all those who continue to grieve the loss of your dad, I pray you find some joy and beauty today.

To my own dad, I love you and I’m thankful you provided for us, loved us, and did your best. Many kids don’t get that.

May we all take pause today and remember no matter our circumstance with the dads in our lives (or lack thereof), there is always the choice to find gratitude and beauty for our souls.

#fullypresent #chasingbeauty

Photo credit: Julie Johnson, Unsplash

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