Ephesians Study – Chapter 2


Basically Chapter 2 explains that we used to be dead in our sins – cut off from God because we walked in a spirit of disobedience and indulged our flesh and mind due to our nature being under God’s wrath.


BUT GOD (verse 4) – love those 2 little words – But God (I’ll get back to this verse in a minute). The passage moves on to explain that because of His …grace, He has saved me through faith – not works (although I’ve been created for good works).

Then the rest of the chapter explains the purpose of salvation – it’s  a picture of the church with the ultimate goal being a dwelling place for God in the Spirit. Because of the blood of Christ, I am now considered one with other Christians (there is no longer a separation between Jew and Gentile). I am now included in the commonwealth of Israel, her covenants of promise, and I now have hope in God. I am a fellow citizen with the saints, and I am a part of God’s household and have access to the Father through the Spirit. Our household is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets and Christ Jesus Himself is the cornerstone (by the way, there was no mention of different religions, demonimations, etc – the only dwelling place of God will be where Christ Jesus is – I figure if I want to be where God is for all eternity, I better make sure I’m in His Son, Jesus Christ – because that’s where God will be).

The other thing I found interesting – did you know there will be “ages to come?” I know there is an age of peace coming (the 1,000 year reign of Christ), and I know there will be a final judgment of Satan and his armies, and then we enter an age where sin is no longer present. The word ages is plural – so I’m curious if there are even other ages that will form throughout eternity? This is where we get back to verse 4 – “But God” – Paul explains why God is rich in mercy, has great love for me, made me alive in Christ, and raised me up and seated me with Him in Christ – the reason? God wants to show me the “surpassing riches of His grace in kindness in the ages to come.” I’m not sure what all that means, but it can only be good. Guess we’ll find out once we’ve passed through this life to the next.

What do you think?