Easter: The Abundant Life

Spent the entire Easter weekend celebrating and experiencing abundant life. I allowed myself to BE and feel all of it. Saturday night started with sharing the Lord’s Supper with my small group and reflecting on some of Jesus’ sayings (I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes will have eternal life.) I also mourned the death of those I buried last year (I suppose I always will.)

Upon waking Easter morning, I embarked on a day journey that took me all over our beautiful part of the country from Big Soddy Creek to the Cravens House to Point Park to Dade County watching hangliders soar high above me to Cloudland Canyon overlook to dinner with my friend Amber to walking her little piece of mountaintop heaven to seeing a glorious sunset. And throughout the day I…

✅ Breathed in cool, fresh spring air
✅ Felt both cool and warm breezes
✅ Hiked and walked among towering trees
✅ Walked under a rumbling train
✅ Heard rushing water cascading over rocks
✅ Listened to country music that reminded me of the slow life
✅ Turned off the radio for most of the day to just listen to wildlife all around me
✅ Gazed out over our beautiful city from the Cravens House wraparound porch
✅ Sat on a rock overlooking the valley and imagined the rush of what the hangliders must have felt as they soared even higher than the eagles today
✅ Pulled over to let other motorists by so I could truly experience a slow, Sunday drive
✅ Drank in the scents of flowers and freshly cut grass and fields where cows and horses lazily grazed
✅ Saw and heard the rushing of the waterfalls and the jetting cliffs of the Cumberland Plateau
✅ Ate fresh Walleye pulled directly from Red Lake Minnesota this week
✅ Drank French press coffee #Whole30 Day 28 compliant
✅ Walked the meadows at my friend’s house
✅ Witnessed the first tender blooms of a cherry tree
✅ Saw the stream my friend’s children play in and the garden they just planted
✅ Held a newborn kitten whose eyes had just opened
✅ Had great conversation with my friend and watched her glow as she told me she is living on and eating from the very land she roamed as a child #SortaAmishSortaHippie
✅ Listened to the train whistle call far in the distance
✅ Drove home in the sunset

Today went way beyond typical Easter pomp and circumstance, and I felt more alive and more thankful for Jesus and more in His presence than I have in awhile.

#fullypresent #getmylifeback #thespacebetween

What do you think?