Easter, Jesus, & Women

As I ponder the morning of Jesus’ resurrection, I wonder what it must have been like for Mary Magdalene to be the very first person Jesus revealed Himself to outside of the tomb. I think of her for several reasons.

1. In a patriarchal society, Jesus choosing to appear to a woman AND a former prostitute would have been scandalous. But it shows me He loves women tenderly and dearly. He restores. He isn’t bothered with the past. He’s more interested in the future. I can’t wait to hear her story firsthand one day.

2. Jesus celebrated women. Throughout history and cultures, men have always dominated in business, religion, politics, and relationships. When Jesus arrived on the scene, He made it clear through His actions that women were to be celebrated and cared for and included in roles of discipleship, leading, ruling, judging, etc. And even before He arrived in person, the Old Testament has stories pointing to the fact. It was the widow’s jar of oil that miraculously fed the prophet and her household. It was a harlot’s red cord that saved her household when the walls of Jericho fell. It was the woman’s mite in the temple that Jesus recognized as the greater offering. It was the woman’s jar of perfume anointing His feet that he accepted above and beyond the lavish meal before him in the rich man’s house. It was two sisters he loved dearly that He raised their brother from the dead.

3. Finally, it was a woman God chose to have the Holy Spirit descend upon to plant His own seed in her womb so He could be born on the earth to enter our human experience and provide a way of restoration back to Himself. Wow! The very God who created all we see around us (and don’t see) could have chosen a million other ways to show up among us. He could have blared trumpets in the skies and split them open with His first arrival. He didn’t. Instead He chose to enter like we all do, through a mother’s womb. That tells me He is more interested in the full experience of our existence, then He is about “proving” who He is. One day He will…but not that day.

To me, Easter is about resurrection, new life, new beginnings. Easter is about a Man, the God-Man who chose to do what was necessary to give me abundant life and the ability to be with Him for all eternity.

Today I will spend time with a family that is new in my world. They invited me. To me it’s yet another picture of new life in Christ and how He always seeks new relationships for anyone who will call on His name and believe.

What do you think?