Despite Myself, I’m Called

Amen to the pic above, ☝️ and may I add my wanderings and hypocrisy and selfishness and all the other things that are the darker side of me. πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ

I am far from a shining example of Jesus, but I show up among His people and follow and worship Him to whatever capacity I have in me at the time (“Don’t forsake the assembling of ourselves together,” Hebrews 10:25).

Oftentimes I show up with profound joy and thankfulness and participative insight to impart to my fellow believers. Other times I show up after reckless behavior and am in need of drinking deeply of grace and forgiveness. πŸ’”

And sometimes I confuse people because I participate in or hold beliefs that are perceived as “contradictory” to my Christian faith. I suppose my response to that is I’m forever sorry if I offend you. I’m still a work in progress and I’ve been unraveling and unpacking a lifetime of stuff you nay not know about or understand, so are you willing to just allow me a #SpaceForGrace and the benefit of the doubt and allow me to provide you the same? πŸ™

I run with and love a myriad of folk from all walks of life to include various religions (and none), socioeconomic classes, sexual orientations, family systems, and nationalities. Each one is important to me and I hope you feel unconditional love and support from me regardless of our differing views. I like to see it as the beautiful tapestry that envelops my life – one that keeps me intrigued and curious and humble and honored to be included in such a grand experience. 🌈🎢

And to the haters, my heart is sad because I had hoped we could find a common ground, but I simply don’t have the capacity to earn your approval. Nor should you to earn mine. I simply tip my hat and wish you well. Please do the same for me.

Callings are funny things. We chase them and spend years trying to figure them out, yet I think no matter what we “do,” we are called to honor a person’s dignity at the very least. If we do that, perhaps we will show up in our other callings with greater effectiveness.


What do you think?