Depressed? Anxious?

Depressed? Anxious?

This week someone asked how to manage depression and anxiety so I responded with how I function with major depression. There’s no magic formula. I think different things work for different people, but here are some my personal conclusions.

For me it’s been a balance of the spiritual, mental health, communal relationships, and self-care. It’s time alone to chase beauty and reflect. Time to cry and cuss and be defeated by my emotions for a few days.

Then there’s time for me to once again pray and allow God to gently lift my head. Then I reach back out to my counselors, friends, and family (they know me well – there is zero judgment).

Then there’s times to hunker down and work really hard because I’ve caught a fresh wind of creativity and I do my best work during these times. And because I know that just around the bend is another mind altering blow that cycles me back through the depths to the treading water and eventually back to the mountaintop. “They” say this should even out and be more “balanced.” I’m not sure who “they” are but I have yet to find a most tolerable solution, so I own it and stay accountable to people so it doesn’t overwhelm or destroy me.

For me it’s all about just speaking the truth of where I am spiritually and emotionally so people know what to expect (and sometimes that looks like firm boundaries where no reasons are given, I just need time to myself without all the questions), and then allowing extreme grace to overwhelm me when I don’t have strength for anything else.

What do you think?