Creating Sacred Space

I smelled honeysuckle today for the first time in a very long time. It took me back to summer nights growing up, and somehow felt like I had been swept away in a time warp back to simpler, quieter days where all I had to worry about was catching lightening bugs in mason jars and listening for my mom to call my name to come home and eat supper.

A mentor told me this week it’s time for me to consider what creating sacred space for myself could look like. I’ve decided to take the next 6 months to focus on my own health and wellness. What that looks like exactly I don’t know yet, although I’ve started a few new practices AND I’ve given myself permission to do so.

If I don’t attend as many networking meetings, or I don’t accept an invitation, it’s not personal – it’s just time for me to get well – fully well. I need to heal from many things over the past 7 years – things I’ve postponed that need to be handed over for good to the God who restores beauty from ashes.

I am called to connect and serve people, but I can’t do it well unless I am fully alive and well. Will you still see me talk about The Referrals Group? Yes. Will you still see me post spiritual encouragement? Yes. Will you still see some posts of a few events I attend and people I choose to spend time with? Of course, but I’ve decided it will be much more intentional as I’m starting to put my phone down and experience more moments of being fully present.

I’ve come to realize my life is filled with so many very different people, and I don’t want anymore of my life to pass by not being able to fully enjoy the friendships and colleagues I have. But again, I need to be ok in mind, body, and spirit. Say a prayer friends, and know I’m still on this journey with all of you, but I want to reclaim what has been lost so I can re-enter much healthier and more focused than ever before.


What do you think?