Created for Good Works


Ephesians 2:10 – “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.”

As millions pause around the world to consider their faith and enter a day of rest today (or perhaps you did this yesterday), this verse is a great reminder of what exactly we were created for. As a career consultant, I hear the question “why am I here” all the time and regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are, I think this is a verse everyone can resonate with. We are created to do good things during our lifetime.

What exactly can “good works” look like? I’m sure it’s the medical professionals putting in countless, tiring hours to ensure their patients are well cared for. Legal professionals who fight to ensure their clients are represented well as they look for justice and peace. Parents who work hard to provide for their children. Spiritual teachers who do their best to rightly divide the myriad of soul issues we all struggle with. Business professionals who do a myriad of good work to bring market awareness, to coach and train, to keep our economy running smoothly. And yes, even our politicians (they happen to be human beings as well) who have a huge responsibility to figure out how to maintain law and order (don’t judge them until you’re ready to put your opinions and words into action).

And what about those who try to do good by their friends and partners and spouses? Good works can abound in our relationships with each other.

It can also be the cashiers in our stores and food establishments who often put up with our hurried impatience and self-righteous attitudes at times (don’t act like you’ve never done it) or the waiters who endure our bad tipping habits after church on Sunday (preach!).

You see, everyone has the capacity to decide to do the right thing no matter what their profession, religion, and circumstances are.

What GOOD are you doing in your corner of the world these days?


What do you think?