Couchsurf #1 – David, the Brit

My friend Caleb is currently Couchsurfing his way through Europe. I’ve known him for many years and trust his judgement, so when I learned about a cultural exchange opportunity via Couchsurf, I decided to host my first traveler. Wow! I’m forever hooked!

Hangin with this Brit 👇 was the highlight of my weekend.

David is from Northamptonshire, England and he’s traveling all over the East and Midwest of America over the next several months.

I got to spend an entire evening listening to stories of his travels to nearly 80+ countries (I asked. He was never pushy with info, just generous when invited, and so willing to help you prepare for your own global travels.) By year end, he will likely be at 100 countries. I could have listened to his stories for days on end. He makes me want to be a world traveler and experience as much as possible.

I introduced him to various friends and he fit in effortlessly and they all loved him.

A perfect gentleman. Compassionate. Brilliant mind. Generous. Thus continues my journey of building my network around the globe because I’m determined to continue #chasingbeauty in all its forms.

I’m sure one day as I continue hosting people from other countries I’ll be running into them as we all globe trot. There’s a whole world of travelers and cultures and networks that will continue to expand our knowledge and experiences and friendships and businesses.

I was so priviliged to have him occupy my space and had a touch of sadness as I bid him farewell because he’s the guy you’d want to be friends with and hang out with on a regular basis.

Thanks David for an amazing cultural exchange and lesson. I hope to see you again, perhaps in another country as we continue to trot across the globe.

#fullypresent #peoplematter #getmylifeback #thespacebetween #worldtraveler #travelhost

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