Consulting a Multi-Trillion Dollar Company. What?!

Another day in my life as a connector…a multi-trillion dollar company.

Sometimes I surprise even myself. Sometimes I struggle with wondering if I really am making a difference in business and if anyone *really* wants to know my opinion. Today was an incredible experience for me – that yes – my opinion does matter sometimes. 🙂

I am a “Member-Expert” of an international company headquartered in New York whose platform connects businesses to expertise for smarter, faster decisions. They claim to “bring the power of insight to every great professional decision.”

After a rigorous vetting process, I was selected to provide a one-hour consultation on the value of referral organizations to a 30-year old company who currently has over $6.5 TRILLION assets under management in over 30 countries.

I did not realize this until AFTER the call because I likely would have been a tad nervous. But I didn’t know this, so nervous just didn’t enter the equation.

So for the record – if you know me well – I don’t look at your company’s worth – I just look for good people who are good at what they do. One day I’m consulting a business owner who’s trying to pay the rent, and the next day I’m consulting a company who manages trillions of dollars. Bada bing bada boom!

I love what I do and if you’re interested to have someone care about YOUR business – I want to talk to you!

#peoplematter #fullypresent

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