Chasing Beauty

I am on vacation in the Pacific Northwest, and my conversation with locals has been about me doing and seeing more in the past two weeks than they have since they’ve lived here.

While that is probably a slight exaggeration, the statement made me pause and ask myself, “How many of us are so consumed with our work, our families, our pain, our trauma, our church activities, our philanthropic ventures, our businesses, our _____________, that we simply overlook the beauty that is quite literally a stone’s throw away from us? The very beauty that can bring healing and joy and delight to our lives?”

This pic popped up in memories yesterday, and it’s of Laura and her sister Jan whooping it up at the Coolidge Park Carousel in Chattanooga, TN. Neither one of them knew they would both leave us within a year of that moment. But they are just one reason I now chase the beauty and healing I do. Jan had cancer so she knew her time was short. Laura succumbed to injuries in a car wreck, but she had a zeal for life and did everything in her power to stay sane and well so she could fulfill her role as a therapist.

I find myself in the same place of realizing life is so short and we are called to a specific purpose. And unless we are fully alive and well, we cannot live out that purpose in the manner in which it was designed.

So, let the call go to voicemail. Interrupt your kids video game. Turn off the TV. Leave work an hour early. Get up an hour earlier. Grab your significant others by the hands and go dance in the rain or go out in the sweltering heat and walk by the river or Google what to do in your hometown and go do something you’ve never done. Chase beauty. Chase healing. Chase relationship. Chase wholeness.

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  1. What a kick in the pants post! We have all lost those who didn’t realise they wouldn’t be here to see another summer and at that time we vow never to waste another minute, yet I am sure we all do!
    Thank you for the gentle reminder to LIVE!

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