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Books Are Your Friends

Brian Kight states, "Read with purpose. More importantly, evaluate how you use what you read. Filling yourself with information you don’t apply is a waste of time. Improve what you consume and focus on how you use it." I couldn't agree more. Here are a few that have altered my life: πŸ“– Bible, when kept… Continue reading Books Are Your Friends

Reflections on Spirituality

Despite Myself, I’m Called

Amen to the pic above, ☝️ and may I add my wanderings and hypocrisy and selfishness and all the other things that are the darker side of me. πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ I am far from a shining example of Jesus, but I show up among His people and follow and worship Him to whatever capacity I have… Continue reading Despite Myself, I’m Called

Health & Wellness, Reflections on Spirituality

The Little Red Chairs

I love the little red chairs sitting among these massive trees and how the sunlight gently washes over the space. It's a perfect place to contemplate memories and look forward to a new day. This morning I read the words a friend of mine told me a year ago. She said, "I think we get… Continue reading The Little Red Chairs