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Bamboo Encounter

My experience at the Bamboo Encounter today is so fitting with a few memories that came up on Facebook today, one of which was the 1692 Desiderata pictured below 👇 and the following thoughts I wrote 6 months after Laura's death in 2018 (also below 👇) Alhough presently, (and thankfully) my world has shifted yet… Continue reading Bamboo Encounter

Reflections on Spirituality

Easter: The Abundant Life

Spent the entire Easter weekend celebrating and experiencing abundant life. I allowed myself to BE and feel all of it. Saturday night started with sharing the Lord's Supper with my small group and reflecting on some of Jesus' sayings (I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the resurrection and the life.… Continue reading Easter: The Abundant Life

Reflections on Spirituality

Christianity Without the Religion and Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS).

My childhood friend and classmate, Ginger Claremohr shared an article regarding the Psychological Harms of Bible-Believing Christianity. You can read it here. I'm not posting this to start a hate debate with anyone so please don't even start one. I love, do business with, and am friends with various religious beliefs as well as those… Continue reading Christianity Without the Religion and Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS).