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What’s in a Name?

In 2017 I began pondering conversations about names. I observed several friends take back their maiden name after divorcing from brutal marriages. And some chose to select their own last name as a reflection of the identity they were never allowed to celebrate. I have nothing but complete respect for those choices because I've heard… Continue reading What’s in a Name?

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The Space Between: My Yoga Retreat Experience

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a local yoga community's spring retreat at Rising Fawn Gardens. The focus word of the event was innervate - to stimulate to action. I started the first yoga practice of the morning and found myself deeply emotional and in tears. This was not my first experience of deep… Continue reading The Space Between: My Yoga Retreat Experience

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2019: Fully Present

This verse popped up in my Facebook memories for January 1, 2018. So what happened in 2018 that created much significance in my life that would make this verse a reality? At first glance, one would think I had to look very hard to see God was doing something new. After all, I lost the… Continue reading 2019: Fully Present