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My 2020 Makeover Experience

Me Before/After Services performed by Debora Hornbuckle,OPT Hair & Makeup SalonRoswell, GA “Like any art, we want to bring attention to a focal point and attract people to our best features and detract from weaker ones, this helps us in all aspects of our lives.”   Debora And this is exactly what she does. I met… Continue reading My 2020 Makeover Experience

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The Space Between Our Circles of Life

This week I saw a beautiful picture of a leaf, and the photographer Vu Quoc Tu from Washington state had entitled it "Circle of Life." He gave me permission to use his photo, and I'm so thankful. If you click the photo above 👆 it will open to the Washington State Beauty Facebook group where… Continue reading The Space Between Our Circles of Life

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Books Are Your Friends

Brian Kight states, "Read with purpose. More importantly, evaluate how you use what you read. Filling yourself with information you don’t apply is a waste of time. Improve what you consume and focus on how you use it." I couldn't agree more. Here are a few that have altered my life: 📖 Bible, when kept… Continue reading Books Are Your Friends