Death, Mourning, and Triggers

My aunt’s death this past Wednesday, as well as another scenario I’m not willing to talk about at this point, have triggered me in terms of fresh grief and anger. My sweet Aunt Margie Ann was 92. She and my Uncle Harland (who also passed at 92) were more like grandparents to me. She was…

2020: 7 Steps I Took to Prepare for 2020 & Beyond

2020 is a milestone year for me – a year where a line in the sand will be drawn so to speak. I turn 50, we are entering a new decade, I’m expanding my business with laser focus, I get to tour a country that’s been on my bucket list for two decades, I will experience the Fall season in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m moving away from anything and anyone that leaves chaos, drama, and despair in its path. To put it frankly, the next 50 years will be spent applying the lessons I’ve learned during the last 50 years without apology – God willing.

As I reviewed this last decade, the resounding theme of my 40s was profound loss and trauma in all its forms – multiple deaths, sexual trauma, betrayal, abandonment, divorce, financial, and career – the kinds of trauma and loss that would likely drive one to intense addictions, insanity or even an early death if left unchecked. Don’t get me wrong – there were also profound moments of joy woven in, but I promise you the loss and trauma far outweighed it. And that was just in the first four years of the 2010s.

The Space Between Our Circles of Life

This week I saw a beautiful picture of a leaf, and the photographer Vu Quoc Tu from Washington state had entitled it “Circle of Life.” He gave me permission to use his photo, and I’m so thankful. If you click the photo above 👆 it will open to the Washington State Beauty Facebook group where…