You Can Do Hard Things

I can’t interfere. I did that once in the name of rescuing someone I loved dearly, and I learned a very hard, costly lesson that we can’t change people. I’m still paying a high price psychologically. We can’t enable. We can’t fix it. We can’t be the savior. It’s up to them and God alone to want to make the gut wrenching hard choices to decide to make a better life for one’s self.

What is Truth?

What Is Truth? [Pontius Pilate] Our experience of certain truths does NOT qualify us to say we have experienced FULL truth. If we are not standing in the middle of a situation that directly affects us and we only observe from afar, we don’t get to harshly judge another person’s actions, experiences or perspectives. In…

Seedling to Harvest

They told me to move out for my mental health. Finding someone you love blue and lifeless in your home does something to you. It changes you. It forces you to see your own mortality. It drives you to quit putting up with the BS all around you. It haunts you. It makes you restless…

Depressed? Anxious?

This week someone asked how to manage depression and anxiety so I responded with how I function with major depression. There’s no magic formula. I think different things work for different people, but here are some my personal conclusions.