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Our Ripple Effect

The picture above is a time lapse photo of a water drop. I'm fully intrigued by the ripples and enhancement of colors created from that one single drop. Can you imagine what 100s and 1000s of raindrops would look like inside this time lapse? For all my friends who love universal energy, I know this… Continue reading Our Ripple Effect

Let's Talk Business

Trust The Process

These three little sentences in the pic above ☝️can sum up ♻️ an entire weekend at a motivational seminar ♻️ a college degree ♻️ days, weeks, years, decades of mistakes ♻️ the next training webinar ♻️ the _______________ I've been guilty of chasing the next shiny thing that promises ✅ the next best result ✅… Continue reading Trust The Process

Let's Talk Business

My Favorite Commandments of Business Networking

Photo Credit: Photo by HIVAN ARVIZU @soyhivan on Unsplash Diane Helbig is a staff writer for Small Business Trends and an internationally recognized business and leadership development consultant, author, speaker, radio show host, and workshop facilitator. Her 2015 article, "The 59 Commandments of Business Networking" is gold. She states, "Business networking is one of the… Continue reading My Favorite Commandments of Business Networking