Be Still

Start looking in expectancy for how God is fighting for us. I think maybe we’ve been seeing things in the wrong order.

We tend to think that when we experience something great it eventually all dissipates with a bombardment of oppression and negativity.

What if it’s really the other way around? What if we are bombarded with this stuff and then as we settle into the truth of Exodus 14:14, God fights for us and brings us whatever we need as a counterattack? Clarity. Truth. Justice. Peace. Answers. Support. Encouragement. Provision. Friendships. Health. A break.

I’m experiencing this in my own world, and in fact have a decorative plate from friends with Exodus 14:14 on it which I’ve placed in full view in my living room. It stares at me every single day reminding me that I don’t need to defend myself. I don’t need to spin my wheels trying to figure it all out. “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

That trauma that threw me for a loop… support and healing.
That person who harshly judged me last week… encouragement and truth.
That person who said my abilities weren’t enough… patience, consistency, and positive coaching.
That paycheck that got shorted due to circumstances outside of my control… provision.

What about you? What crazy curveballs have come your way that if you rethink those times, you can now see the truth of what was either being extended to you to help you get through it OR if you haven’t seen it yet, are you willing to be still long enough to allow the Lord to fight for you?

What do you think?