Be Free. Live Free.

I reached out to a friend today who had been on my mind all week, and they passed along some raw, honest words to me. I needed to hear them, and I think there are some of you who may also need to hear these encouraging words.

It was like the perfect ending to Laura’s birthday today (she passed in January, 2018 and had been in my world since 1987) and was as if she whispered down from Heaven through a friend to remind me of all the encouragement she used to give me that I was worthy and worth it and worth knowing and have a lot to give for those who will accept.

Whether you’re battling loss or trauma or addiction or depression or suicidal thoughts, or ___________, know you are not forgotten. I’m on your side.

These words are for you…👇

“I’m not ok. But be strong and love deeply when you get the chance.

Life is unfair, but make your life today…this moment…this moment is all you have.

People make decisions unrelated to you, and you can’t change them, so live in your moment with no expectations of outcome or fear.

You are doing great, and I’m very proud to watch you grow. Soar above what you know or feel or fathom. Life can be such a glorious place when you are free to live it.

Be free Ginger. Live free. Live life to its fullest.

You are like one of the best people that has entered my life in forever. You’re easy and kind and accepting and bold. You get me when I don’t, and you are wild and free and conservative and giving. You are a package that some lucky person is going to have. Again I’m proud of where you are.”

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What do you think?