A Yellow Balloon

LOVE this photo of Josh Cropp and his wife, Natalie. The traditional blue and pink “expecting” balloons offset by a pop of yellow sets the tone for the excitement written all over Natalie’s face. Josh – the practical one – cracks me up with his sensible grin. I’d love to have seen thought bubbles rising up with what was going through his mind.

As I discussed in another post, I aim to surround myself with people who are better than me in some area because they have something I want, and I want to learn how to get it. I respect their integrity, mind, ethics, goals, vision, heart, challenges, triumphs, stories, experience – all of it.

They are real, honest, open, willing coaches, and philanthropic minded. They make a difference.

Josh is one of those people. He’s a wealth advisor, and while, yes, he knows more in that arena than I do, the one thing that continues to draw me to his office for a quarterly check-in is his high skill of execution. We met today and discussed the fact that I’m a creative at heart (yellow balloon). If you know anything about creatives, we get nothing done unless we surround ourselves with those who can help us execute a plan of action. That’s Josh. He has fantastic philanthropic ideas and genuinely cares for and loves the communities he lives and works in. He loves his family. He’s a good friend. He’s a long hauler, seeing the end in sight and knowing what it’s gonna take to get back to the basics to stay on target with the mission.

He provided great feedback regarding not only some business goals we work on together in another setting, but also some other civic minded future opportunities I am considering as I continue to hash out who I am post loss of loved ones, former career dreams, etc.

Thanks Josh for being a solid guy.

Yet another experience you can’t put a pricetag on.


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