Photo Credit: César Viteri, Unsplash

I have a love/hate relationship with them and have discovered I only like listening to ones that are more in the genre of business and/or self-help while driving.

When it comes to stories and novels one can get lost in, I much prefer to read a book that is held within my hands, pages turning between my fingers, a bookmark or a dog-eared corner to mark my place and penned underlinings and scribbled notes of my favorite passages.

One afternoon I tried to listen to “A Gentleman in Moscow” (which my friend Ginger Claremohr suggested), but found my mind wandering (perhaps it’s my A.D.D.?), and myself wanting to do a million other things besides listen to the professional reader drone on and on and on.

Maybe I’m just old school. I want to curl up, cover up, hold a book, turn its pages, get lost in its story, and imagine for myself all the sights and sounds and smells and emotions and beautiful and tragic moments throughout. And I need time to ponder, to re-read, to go at my own pace.

Now if a person is blind, I can maybe understand the audio book, but perhaps even they would much prefer to glide their fingers over the braille and allow their minds to experience the book as it unfolds. I’m not sure.


What do you think?