About Me

Professional Bio:  I am a connector, disruptor, transformation seeker, amateur photographer, writer, and traveler. I love Jesus, music, beauty, gourmet food, and coffee. An empathetic listener of people’s stories, I have an ability to connect with people at the deepest levels of their hearts and souls. My work experience spans several industries to include Business Development, Sales, Marketing & Advertising, Mental Health, Insurance, and Food & Beverage. I hold a leadership MBA and am currently working on a M.A. in Theology & Culture. I am a Business Advisor with The Referrals Group and a Career Consultant with Career Direct.

OK – now let’s really talk: During the summer of 2011, after surviving a life-altering sexual betrayal and trauma in 2010, I decided to take a leap of faith, quit my full-time job and return to school full-time to pursue a degree I had left behind in the early 90s. I graduated in May 2016 with a leadership MBA from Liberty University.  It’s been a challenging, interesting journey. My social and business circles have changed drastically  – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing  – just different as entered a different season of life.

Being a full-time student allowed me to engage in the world around me on a different level. Simplicity overtook my life and frankly, I still prefer it that way. I found a certain solace in being able to step back and just breathe and relax from the rat race of the old business world I had become accustomed to.

The 2010s was the decade of my 40s. The betrayal and loss experienced, including a divorce, broken familial relationships, and more career shifts, felt unbearable at times. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the death of two of the most significant people in my life in 2018. As I was reeling from that, I was also trying to provide moral support to a best friend whose niece was murdered even while other family members of mine began passing.

This decade of trauma radically changed my life at very personal levels – to the core of my personality. I embarked on a journey of the soul and began making radical changes in all aspects of my life to include spiritual, relational, professional, and both mental and physical health. I started discovering ways to incorporate my grief journey into the core of who I am without apology.

In 2020 (the year I turned 50), Covid shut down the entire world, and I decided to use that time to continue supporting my healing journey as well as pursue another Masters at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.

This site is an introduction to my journey, about who I am, and how I try to show up in the world for others. I now face life with a new outlook and a refreshed sense of ownership and purpose. It is my desire to share some information about all these realms and invite others to join me on a journey of an abundant, healthy, simple life, chasing beauty in all its forms.

It is possible to embrace our griefs and traumas and to experience slow, lasting healing while fully celebrating ourselves and each other. And when the healing doesn’t come as quickly as we’d like, it is also possible to make a promise to ourselves that we will never give up – we will chase whatever beauty reminds us that this life is worth it.

What do you think?