A “Transplant” Perspective

Someone in a Facebook groups asked us North Carolina “transplants” how we were doing after leaving our hometowns, close friends, business associates, and families.

I had to think about this, and here’s what I replied with:

I lived in Chattanooga, TN from 1978 until 2021. I spent 4 months on a bucket-list cross country road trip and then “settled” in the Asheville area.

I must admit I was ready for the change. I was ready for a quiet, slower life. Asheville, Flat Rock, Hendersonville, Lake Junaluska, Mills River, Waynesville, the Parkway…have all been places of tranquility and solitude for me.

I already had a few friends here, so while I welcome new friendships, I’m not desperately seeking them out. But if fate brings us together, I’m certainly open to a conversation and allowing it to take its natural course.

I also didn’t move here to “work” here. I work online and I’d prefer to keep it that way. I still have much to contribute to the local business community, but again, I’m not desperately seeking business. I’m open to new ventures if and when they present themselves.

So for me, I moved here to live my life with the goal of allowing myself to be more intentional about being healthy – my best self. I want to participate in your community, enjoy what you’ve built by supporting your small businesses, and revel in the beautiful seasons that come and go.

I love all the local eateries, the photo 📸 opportunities, the farmers markets, and just wandering around town meeting locals and having a short, friendly conversation. It’s nice.

Emotionally, I’m mostly happy and content. Sad sometimes. Depressed sometimes. Thrilled sometimes. I’m learning to accept all my emotions as they come and to befriend them and allow them to coexist with me because there’s more to be learned about myself and this journey, and I don’t want to miss it.

What do you think?