A Response to Jarvis Jay on Easter

Mmhhh. Now that’s an interesting thought Jarvis Jay. So what do we do with the resurrection then? It is the resurrection that sets Christianity apart from every other religion, not His death. Roman flogging and crucifixion wasn’t an unusual death sentence. It was actually very common during Christ’s time on Earth. Every other religion that has a “savior” figure have died, but none were able to rise up from the grave, walk the earth for some time again and then ascend into Heaven. We are buried with Christ in baptism but raised to newness in life in Him. Why not celebrate that? Albeit without the bunny and eggs.

Of course with that said, I am not one to legalistically celebrate anything. If I don’t attend church regularly, I certainly won’t show up on Easter Sunday as if that were some magical day to show my love and devotion to Christ.

Likewise, if I do attend on a regular basis and happen to miss the “Easter Service,” I will not berate and chastise myself for missing the “holier” service.

His mercies are new every morning and as Christians I think living in freedom and loving God first, then our neighbor as outsleves and then sharing the good news of the Gospel is a daily celebration of His death and resurrection.

What do you think?