A Friend Who Inspires

I spent the day with Jennifer. We actually go back to the early 1990s and passed each other like ships in the night as our various circles intertwined with one another throughout the years. We recently reconnected via mutual friends and have struck up a friendship.

If you follow my Favebook page and/or blog, you know I’ve been writing a series of posts regarding the fact that I aim to surround myself with people who are better than me in some area because they have something I want, and I want to learn how to get it. I respect their integrity, mind, ethics, goals, vision, heart, challenges, triumphs, stories, experience – all of it.

They are real, honest, open, willing coaches, and philanthropic minded. They make a difference.

Jennifer is one of those people. She has overcome incredible odds and I admire the fact that she’s a GREAT mom to two amazing, intelligent, fun 10-year-old twin boys.

I am focused on health and wellness these days, and she is better than me at that. She’s committed to gym time and walking and some biking, and today after we finished a somewhat healthy (ha ha) brunch at Syrup and Eggs we struck out to catch a trail. She’s an incredible motivator and everytime I’m with her I feel the need to walk and talk. This particular Sunday she wanted to show me her favorite bike trail, but alas, all the trails are closed near the Riverwalk due to flooding.

So we looked for a back way in, and the picture you see of her with the security guard is what happens when you try to bypass the flood and he stops you, but is so nice he looks up another way in on his own Google Maps. 😃 We tried that route, but it too was still underwater, so we ended up at the walking bridge, which was still beautiful.

The other thing I love about Jennifer is she stays engaged, even when she has an A.D.D. moment, she will come back to the topic at hand to finish the conversation or answer your question. She’s a great conversationalist (sometimes I struggle with conversation), so she helps me stay engaged and #fullypresent. I am free to discuss anything I want to without fear of what she will think, and she ALWAYS has a great perspective to offer. I love her mind.

Jennifer makes me want to continue being a better woman. She makes me want to keep pursuing better health and good, solid friendships.

Thanks Jennifer for being you. I’m glad we found each other in the good space we are both in these days.

Yet another experience you can’t put a pricetag on.


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