Practicing Grace

Essentially, it’s the Golden Rule. Regardless of your cultural differences in politics, religion, and geography, everyone can agree on treating others as you want to be treated. And when others break that universal rule, we have a responsibility to the world at large to extravagantly live out that rule to others. It’s the only way to counteract the death and destruction that comes with the opposite.

The Seattle School

Tonight, after spending time with this cohort, I realized we have a few amazing generations working together – listening to each other and learning from each other – who are gonna do amazing things to bring about change and equality and justice and equity to broken systems.


Ah, but one must fall deeply and madly in love with oneself. To be completely enamored with our Creator and the world that is full of life around us just teeming with beauty and all things wild. Then the mundane parts of life become a ritual, a dance, a thing to ponder and welcome, because…